Design: We will get your ideas on paper and
transform them into reality.

Everything begins with an idea. An idea of what you need, the inspiration for your space, or the feeling and flow of
personality and character.  With an idea, a sharp pencil, and a blank sheet of paper, the sky is the limit. Since the
beginning of time, the drawing board has been the primary tool to begin to visualize , plan any project before moving on to

Time and passion will result in the most successful finished piece.

What makes a good design?
Whether you want your piece to fit a particular motif such as Old European, Art Deco, French Provincial, American Colonial, or
whether you want something entirely new that will define it's own space, you always want to begin with a good source of
reliable information and documentation concerning any project. Going back through time, and seeing what has been done
before is an excellent place to start. History books, architectural books, books on furniture styles are all valuable tools to
get a feel for what you like, and the way certain combinations of furniture and decoration can define a space.

Who you are affects the design.
Your culture, background and education will influence your taste as well as your vision of what is comfortable in your home.
You have the opportunity to share your vision or mission with us, and we work with you to find the design you may never
have known you had inside  you all along.

Art Meets Technology
Before we take a saw or dremel to a beautiful piece of imported Carpathian Elm, we take the drawings we have created with
you, and turn them into exact specifications. We use advanced 3-D Computer Aided Design (CAD) programs for the next
stage of drawing which allow us to be flexible in tweaking the design in a multitude of ways. We can resize the piece
according to it's dimensions, account for variations of weight and volume and the strength of different materials, and
calculate the actual mass of the finished piece, as well as the actual strength of the piece of furniture. Whether it is a
delicate corner table that is intended merely to hold nothing heavier than a glass of wine, or a wall hutch that will hold a
collection of fine ceramics, or a book case that will hold your entire library, we can test different materials for strength using
our computer aided system - before beginning to cut the wood.
Your ideas:
onto paper,
into reality