Construction of the Furniture

After drawings and sketches are created and,  computer-aided models
are drawn and tested with the desired materials in the virtual workspace, a
final schematic drawing is used to guide the actual hand-crafted construction
of the piece. If your project requires actual blueprints (as is sometimes the
case when the furniture is part of another architect or builder's overall plan),
they can be provided.

Cutting, Casting and Crafting.
The schematics give us a plan to follow. We take the plan to our shop, select the finest pieces of wood that meet your
specifications, and begin to cut the pieces that will ultimately comprise your custom piece of furniture. Custom brass,
pewter or other hardware may be have been designed for your piece, which we cast ourselves. Glass may be etched or
tinted as well.

Putting It All Together
Once all of the wood, metal and glass has been cut to specification, we take great time and care in putting it all together.
Sometimes wood must be dried  to insure that its shape will hold, or to get a panel to curve in to a perfect, subtle join
with another panel. Pegs and glue must set, and refinements must be made to make the piece a perfect, solid,
functional piece of furniture. Designs and patterns, or even illustrations may be carved or embossed onto some surfaces.

Finally, the furniture must be stained, painted, glazed, or coated.
Glass is set into place, hardware,
and ornamentation are attached...

and a beautiful, custom hand-crafted piece of furniture is ready for your home!
A table in our workshop, during
Head bed in our workshop