Eric Guy         Fine Furniture & Design
From Sketches to Detailed Drawings
Hand drawn, fluid sketches by a skilled artist who knows his
trade are the key to any good design. We take the initial
sketches that we created with you and create more finely
detailed drawings. This gives us opportunity for inspiration: to
enhance the original idea, and to fill out the details and

Digital Visualization
While we use tried-and-true traditional crafting techniques, when
we create your piece, we also incorporate modern technology
that allows us to reach a level of precision and flexibility in
design that was just not possible for the individual craftsman
even twenty years ago. We incorporate the latest 3-D Computer
Aided Design tools (CAD) to create realistic visualizations of
your project. You can see what your furniture will look like from
any angle, within any drawn or photographed environment.

About 5 year  ago we started making  Brass Etageres  .Another
aspect  of the new service is we now built furniture prototype  
with all specifications required by the clients.
The Quality of Eric Guy furniture is
above the standard.
Our Design Process Starts With
Determining Your Needs
Every piece of furniture begins with
you. We meet with you to determine
your needs, get a feel for your
tastes, needs, requirements and the
space that the furniture will occupy.
Hand drawn sketches are made and
modified based on your feedback.
Our experience and expertise insure
that not only will we be creating
something you find to be a beautiful
addition to your home, but it will be
a strong, functional, well-balanced
piece that should last more than a
Fine Furniture: Hand Crafted.
Based in Pennsylvania on the border
of the beautiful hills of Upper Bucks
County, we make fine furniture for
your home. All our furniture is
hand-made using traditional
techniques. We handcraft furniture
that is designed and made to last,  
We work in close collaboration with
interior designers, architects and
private clients in order to create the
perfect pieces to fit your living and
working spaces.

You are important to us and your
satisfaction is our primary goal.